Garages CoventryThe ever-increasing cost of on street parking coupled with rises in crime and vandalism mean more and more people are looking to add a garage or carport to their properties. But what should you be looking for in a garage? What does it take to get one built? Is it really any safer than parking on the street? Garages can be used to store tools and appliances, memorabilia and collectables, food, drink or even your car. They are an extension of your home primarily for storage, and an option that we can make easy, low-cost and efficient to build for you. Give us a call and we will send an experienced advisor out to give you a free quotation on what we can do with your home and future garage.

For further information, below are the criteria for planning permission;

It is worth noting that you may need planning permission if your proposed building falls into one of the following categories:

  • The proposed building goes beyond the front elevation of your house (unless you have a very large front garden).
  • More than half the area of your garden is covered by the proposed building.
  • The building is more than 3 metre high, or 4m if an apex roof.
  • The garage is within one metre of your existing house wall.
  • The building is going to be attached to the wall of a dwelling.