Plumbing and Heating

Water is heated either directly in the storage cylinder, for example by an electric immersion heater or from a remote boiler. The two main types of system are the open vented and the un-vented.

Open Vented Systems

This type of water system relies on a large volume of stored water, usually located in a plastic water tank in the attic. The weight of stored water is usually sufficient to push water down the pipe that feeds the water storage cylinder and back up to any tap or shower outlet, providing it is lower than the stored water level.

Un-Vented Systems

The un-vented stored water system in general terms relies on mains water pressure to push the water out of the cylinder or through the pipe circuit to the tap or shower outlet.

Heating itself is a vital part of any dwelling. We need heat in the winter especially, but throughout the year as well. Kendall Building Services can provide the skill and expertise required to successfully and efficiently install or refurbish any or all of the plumbing and heating in your house.